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Published 01/05/2018

Laszlo Bock, CEO of Humu and famous for making Google one of the best workplaces in the world as the former head of People Operations, has looked through countless resumes and overseen thousands of hires. He shares his advice for what it takes to standout, nail the interview and land a job. In a recent discussion, he talked about what makes a great resume, and how to handle interview curveballs. He also discusses how you can tell if a company is actually a good fit. Mr. Bock, who has reviewed thousands of resumes, says that the best resumes he has seen follow...

What Millenials Love (and hate)

Published 09/06/2017

In less than 10 years Millennials will dominate the workforce. Are you ready? Probably the most reliable data available on Millennials can be found in Deloitte’s Millennial Survey, whose results are based upon the answers from nearly 8,000 Millennials questioned across 30 countries. If you are looking to hire from the Millennial pool, there are some things you need to know. Let’s start with the things that Millennials, according to survey results, truly hate about today’s business world. Hierarchy. Business structures that worked well during the Industrial Age are almost totally irrelevant today. Even so, many companies,...


Published 08/18/2017

When the possibility of working from home (telecommuting) first appeared on the employment scene, no one really knew how (or if) it was going to work. It was initially hailed as a panacea for everything from traffic congestion to air pollution. Woody Leonhard, in his book, The Underground Guide to Telecommuting coined the phrase "work is something you do, not something you travel to".  Employing remote workers has advantages that advocates are quick to point out. Cost reduction is a big one, whereas the need for dedicated office space or cubicles is eliminated. This reduces the size of the businesses'...

Creating a healthy workplace

Published 08/08/2017

Workplace productivity is directly linked to the health of employees. Organizations need to prioritize wellness programs in order to maximize productivity. Follow these comprehensive steps to get your organization started on developing a productive and sustainable workplace culture.