HR Scoop Archives for October of 2019

The Case for Hiring Older Workers

Published 10/02/2019

Work gives you meaning and purpose, and life is empty without it. (Stephen Hawking)   The Case for Hiring Workers (by Josh Bersin and Thomas Chamorro Premuzic, Harvard Business Review)   There’s a lot of talk about gender bias, racial bias, and culture bias at work, and each are important for many reasons. But perhaps one of the biggest and most problematic types of bias we face is the bias of age: we often evaluate people based on their age, and this is now becoming a major challenge in the workplace.   Several years ago, through our research for Deloitte, we asked around 10,000 companies, “Is age a competitive advantage or competitive disadvantage in your organization?”...

Business Gardening

Published 10/08/2019

If you consider what are called the virtues in mankind, you will find their growth is assisted by education and cultivation.   Xenophon (434 BC - 355 BC)     Business Gardening   As I write this, it’s late September and my vegetable garden is almost done. I must admit I am grateful that my cherry tomatoes are on their last legs. I plant them for my wife, but enough is enough. Other than salads, what can you do with them?   On the other hand, my green beans are still doing well and they will taste extra sweet this January when I take a bag of frozen summer out...

No Matter Your Business, You're Actually Growing Tomatoes

Published 10/17/2019

You're Actually in the Business of Growing Tomatoes   No matter what your business is, I have to tell you – you’re really growing tomatoes.   Let me explain. I was recently in Vermont for the weekend; Columbus Day weekend to be exact. If you’re not into gardening in New England, you may not know, but mid-way through October is pretty late for tomatoes. In fact, if you actually have any plants left that haven’t been hit by a frost, you’re still out of luck, because those that have made it that long aren’t really in great shape.   So, imagine my surprise when we stopped...