HR Scoop Archives for October of 2022

Productivity, Not Activity

Published 10/11/2022

Digital Data Can Be Misleading   Data is everywhere. Data is everything. Data can’t help but reveal the truth. Data lies. It’s all about the data. The opportunities for data collection are endless. The morality of collecting all this data can be questionable. The ethical use of this data is, unfortunately, in the eyes of the keeper of the data.   The latest Gallup survey in June of this year estimated that 34 million people worked in hybrid environments, a mix of office and home. Additionally, 36.5 million people in the U.S. worked remotely at least five days a week as of early August,...

The Increasing Value of Hands-On Workers

Published 10/17/2022

The Increasing Value of Hands-On Workers   Manual Hands-On Labor is More Important Than Ever!   The industrial revolution started when businesses began using energy that wasn’t generated by people or animals. Although, historically, mankind has long used wind power (think windmills in Holland) as well as waterpower (the gristmill) for millennium, he mainly relied on human sweat to get things done.   With the advent of the steam engine, and soon after the discovery of electricity and its wide-spread use, the industrial revolution really took off. Automation was the catalyst. Electronics were the next major shift, followed swiftly by computing, robotics, and now, artificial intelligence...