HR Scoop Archives for March of 2020

Coronavirus in the workplace - what you need to know.

Published 03/04/2020

Coronavirus in the Workplace   TDI; WORKERS COMP; UNEMPLOYMENT ELIGIBILITY   It is really difficult to keep track of what is happening. Conditions and situations are changing daily. The possibility of workplace closures, schools being shut down (which impacts the parents, and, subsequently, their workplace), and interruption of supply chains are all issues that every business now must take into consideration.   Here are just a few of the issues that employers may have to grapple with:   If an employee can't work because of illness, this makes them eligible for Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI). To qualify, they must be under the care of a physician. Should an employer...

Rhode Island sides with fourth-century emperor Constantine

Published 03/17/2020

H7877 will have a demonstratively chilling event on the Rhode Island staffing industry and Rhode Island businesses   Rhode Island sides with fourth-century emperor Constantine.   Constantine, ancient Rome’s first Christian emperor, issued an edict (AD 321) that all citizens must rest on Sunday. Over the next 1700 years (or so), restrictions regarding working on Sundays continued in a fairly haphazard manner. These “Sunday Laws”, often referred to as “blue laws”, were carried to the new world by Puritan colonies. The first mention of them is in Samuel Peter’s 1781 book “General History of Connecticut”.   Sunday Laws, or Blue Laws aside, in a modern, world-wide economy,...