HR Scoop Archives for June of 2022

Generosity with strings is not generosity: it is a deal.

Published 06/04/2022

What a Long Strange Trips It's Been - Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead   We often hear how we are supposed to create an introduction or an elevator pitch. We read about taglines and slogans. What we really need to focus on is what to do afterward we meet someone.   The closing to a presentation is not quite the same thing as the closing to an elevator pitch or an introduction. When you’re closing a presentation, you have obviously had much more time to offer information, tell stories, and provide statistics. You’re in a much better position to extend a powerful call...

Why Don't Employees Want to Return to the Office?

Published 06/20/2022

A lot has been written about the pros and cons of returning to the office. Some companies enjoy the savings from not having the expensive office overhead. Other companies are strongly pushing against the tide to get everyone back under one roof.   According to an article in Apollotechnical, "Statistics on remote workers reveal that more than 4.7 million people work remotely at least half the time in the United States. 44% of companies do not allow remote work and only 16% of companies hire remote only workers."   A survey by Owl labs, found the following:     The debate regarding remote work and the affects...

Email is killing your business

Published 06/27/2022

The first email was most likely sent by Ray Tomlinson in 1971. At the time, he was working on a government-funded research project that eventually became the internet. He invented a system allowing users to send messages between connected computers that were on the government system.   Queen Elizabeth II was the first head-of-state to use email in 1976. And in case we think it’s all wine and roses, the first spam email was sent in 1978.   Over the last 50 years since Ray sent his first email, the system has matured and expanded to where, in 2021, there were 319.6 billion emails...