HR Scoop Archives for November of 2020

We're Going Backwards

Published 11/04/2020

This is like deja vu all over again Yogi Berra   Two steps forward, one step back. Or is it one step forward, two steps back? I guess the answer to that is up to us. Obviously pandemic exhaustion is starting to set in and everyone is sick of the virus, sick of restrictions and sick of being afraid. But most of us would agree it's better than actually being sick.   In the early days of the pandemic, Rhode Island was leading the way, for the most part, in doing things right and doing them in a timely fashion. Then the lazy, hazy days...

Happy Thanksgiving From ASN

Published 11/24/2020

THE ASN OFFICES WILL BE CLOSED THURSDAY & FRIDAY THIS WEEK.   All of us at Available Staffing Network Wishes You a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!