HR Scoop Archives for April of 2021


Published 04/05/2021

GET VACCINATED - OR ELSE?   Can employers require you to get the vaccine... or else? First published in Go Banking Rates - Nicole Spector   Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, employers can require workers to take medical tests that are “job-related and consistent with business necessity” — and that includes tests for COVID-19. The logic here is simple — COVID-19 is wildly contagious. Additionally, you can spread it like wildfire without having so much as a single symptom. That’s a big reason when we’re still trapped in the trenches of this pandemic. The virus passes through some people with less impact than the common cold, while...

PPP Loans Should NOT Be Taxed!

Published 04/08/2021

PP Loans Should NOT Be Taxed!   The Governor's budget includes a proposal which would tax PPP loans in excess of $150,000.   The PPP was a lifeline for small businesses in Rhode Island. It provided direct aid which enabled them to pay rent, pay utilities and, most importantly, pay the thousands of people in Rhode Island that depend on these businesses for employment.   As the State navigates the post-COVID period, it is imperative that our small businesses be given every opportunity to recover without the State unfairly taxing us on aid given to help us survive.   Please CLICK HERE to tell your Elected Officials to reject the budget proposal to...