HR Scoop Archives for September of 2022

Rise of the Union Phoenix?

Published 09/06/2022

Are Unions Rising From The Ashes?   For the current generation of workers, the idea of a union is a foreign concept. Something that their grandparents may have been involved with. An archaism from a simpler time, or something once needed to protect workers from an all-powerful company.    Ronni Sandroff, writing in Investopedia, explains "Winning gains for all workers and citizens—such as a shorter workday and a minimum wage—has been a key part of union activity. In 1866, the National Labor Union was created with the goal of limiting the workday for federal employees to eight hours.7  However, the private sector was much harder for unions to...

Is Your Business the Next Hudson Hornet?

Published 09/12/2022

Is Your Company the Next Hudson Hornet?   “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear”.   We have all seen this warning on our car’s side-view mirror. Unfortunately, we don’t always take it as seriously as we should, which can have some rather nasty consequences.   Bringing this analogy to our businesses can be a healthy exercise. But before we go there, let’s examine the history of the Hudson Motor Company which, for several decades, was one of the leader automobile manufacturers in North America. Hudson was an American car company that was founded in 1909 by Joseph Hudson, a Detroit department store entrepreneur. They...

You Still Need an Office - But Not For Work.

Published 09/19/2022

Rise of the Pocket Office     There has been a lot written lately about the need for employees to return to working in the office. There are many reports of companies that have insisted that employees return. There are other reports about companies that are embracing the "pocket office,” and still others that are adopting a hybrid approach; some work from home mixed with time required in the office.     In 2007, there were, globally, 122 million smart phones circulating. By 2021, this had risen to 1,536 million. With the power of the smart phone, it's possible to almost literally have an office in...