HR Scoop Archives for October of 2021

Overcoming supply chain problems

Published 10/18/2021

Rest assured that Available Staffing Network has no supply chain issues. ASN is ready to supply your workforce requirements when you need them – no bottlenecks, no delays.   Although this seemed to be a bit abstruse at the time, at least part of it can be applied to today’s supply chain difficulties. For many of us, the intricacies of the global supply chain were of no concern. For the most part, we needed what we needed, we ordered it, and it arrived when we expected. Everything was fine, until it wasn’t. How could we not know how vulnerable we were?   A study,...

The Data Never Speaks for Itself

Published 10/25/2021

All the data, facts, and figures in the world won't make the sale.   Everyone is always looking for ways to close the deal. To make the client sign on the bottom line.   Too often, we fall prey to the notion that the specifications, the facts and figures, the data we've compiled will seal the deal. So we do a data dump on the customer, thinking it will tell the story of our product or service. We think to ourselves "the data speaks for itself".   Although this sounds like a quite logical assessment, as explained by Karen Eber in her TedTalk “How your brain...