HR Scoop Archives for February of 2021

You Can't Stand Out if You Blend In

Published 02/01/2021

Your businesses' messaging has to stand out if you don't don't want to blend in. The right message gets results. The wrong message, or the uninspired one will make you seem unremarkable and forgettable, just when you need to be remarkable and memorable.   Every day, we are subjected to a tsunami of promotion, marketing and advertising in social media and entertainment. Because of this, not only is it difficult to get noticed and stand out, but you also have to do it quicker and quicker. This makes the need for a great tagline more relevant today than ever before.   Although slogans and...

A Rising Tide or a Hole Beneath the Water Line?

Published 02/09/2021

The Great $15 Debate     The $15 minimum wage – a rising tide or a hole beneath the water line?   There is a lively discussion going on regarding the push for a higher minimum wage. In Rhode Island, the Senate Labor Committee voted 7-4 to recommend passage of 2021-S.1, An Act Relating to Labor and Labor Relations – Minimum Wages. Because of the wide support for a higher minimum wage (two-thirds of Americans), the COVID-19 pandemic, and social unrest related to widening income disparity, this bill is being fast tracked and is on the Senate Calendarfor Feb. 10, 2021. It will then most likely...

Bring back the women!

Published 02/15/2021

Bring Back the Women!   Challenges and Opportunities in 2021   There has been a perfect storm of conditions that have combined to push 2.5 million women out of the workforce in the last year. Due to the pandemic, there has been dramatic job losses in tourism, hospitality, leisure, travel and transportation. Adding to the conditions amplifying this perfect storm is the fact that the pandemic has forced many homes to double, or triple as classrooms and day care centers. This has created the add-on effect of many women being forced to cut their hours or leave their jobs entirely.   As reported in Brookings, a...