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Published 07/15/2018

THE WORKPLACE OF THE FUTURE WILL LOOK VERY DIFFERENT THAN THAT OF TODAY   A recent article in Fast Company by Stephanie Vozza examines the challenges the workforce and it's employers face in the not too distant future.   Chances are your job description has changed over the past five years. Or maybe your role didn’t even exist a short time ago. The workplace of today and the future looks quite different due to technology, the economy, the environment, and politics, according to the Institute for the Future (IFTF), a not-for-profit think tank that helps organizations plan for the future.   The evolving workplace is creating a skills...

Hiring Trends

Published 06/15/2018

Hiring Trends, Skills Gaps, and Where the Workers Are   After the great recession (2007 - 2009 - officially), the economy's recovery began in 2010, and has been gaining strength since then. Here are some key statistics that show were we are are now, and where critical skills gaps remain that could impact our economic growth.   KEY INSIGHTS   · Hiring strong and stable through April – In April, hiring across the U.S. was 19.8% higher than in April 2017. Seasonally-adjusted hiring, nationally, was 2.1% higher in April than in March 2018. The industries with the biggest year-over-year hiring increases in April were aerospace, automotive, and transportation...