Trends to Monetize in 2022



Can You Monetize These Trends?

A recent article in Small Business Solutions looked at some trends that were predominant in 2021 and seem likely to continue to prevail in 2022 and beyond. The question is, can your business afford not to consider them?


Remote work

It's obvious to all that this trend will continue. The genie is out of the bottle and it's not going back in anytime soon. In fact, with technological advances being introduced everyday, it's just making it easier for a large segment of the workforce to provide their services remotely. This will be especially true in financial services and technology. An additional benefit is that it gives employers access to a much larger talent pool.

Expanding your online presence, including ecommerce

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a rapid rise in online purchasing and many companies invested time and resources to improve their online interface between the company and its customers. Even traditional brick-and-mortar businesses adapted, developing new digital services and enhancing their product lines.


Climate change

Whether it was disasters because of extreme weather, or just the recognition that climate change is important to their customers, many businesses became more outspoken and visible in their support of climate initiatives and working these into their mission statements as well as their products and services.


Artificial intelligence

Although not for everyone, more and more companies are looking at methods to employ these new technologies. Companies need to ask if they can benefit from AI-driven technology.



Many companies have adopted diversity initiatives because not only is it the right thing to do, but their customers expect it.


Workforce demographics

After much talk over the last several years, and in no small part due to "the great resignation", the makeup of the workforce is finally starting to look different then it did pre-pandemic. Workers over 50 are retiring at a faster-than-normal rate. Millennials are starting businesses in large numbers, and one statistic shows that 80 percent of those businesses are profitable.


Social responsibilities

As many experts have been predicting, Millennials and those in the Gen-Z demographic are asking what their employers are doing to incorporate important social initiatives into their company's mission and day-to-day operations.


Life-goal realignment

For many years, some companies took this issue seriously, while others give it little more than lip service. However, as a result of the pandemic, many people have experienced a wake-up call. The search for purpose and meaning is one of many side effects of this trend. Ask yourself how this trend is affecting your customers and employees.


Staffing struggles

The difficulty in finding and retaining qualified employees was well documented in 2021 and shows no sign of getting better in 2022. This is were a dependable staffing partner like ASN can help. Whether you are looking to outsource, contract, hire part-time help or even bring on virtual employees, we can help. Just give us a call - we would love to talk with you.